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The upcoming solar eclipsePhoto of Kirk Korista
Aug. 17, 2017 | WMU News
A total solar eclipse will cut a swath about 100 miles wide from Oregon to South Carolina, known as the "path of totality." A total solar eclipse passing across the U.S. is quite rare, says Dr. Kirk Korista, chair of the WMU Department of Physics.

Social media overloadPhoto of Autumn Edwards
Aug. 10, 2017 | WMU News
The idea is that social networking sites connect you to a much greater number of people and increase well-being. But recent studies show too much social networking can be detrimental, says Dr. Autumn Edwards, a WMU associate professor of communication.

The surging stock marketPhoto of Devrim Yaman
Aug. 3, 2017 | WMU News
Strong corporate profits by the likes of Apple and Boeing helped propel the Dow Jones industrial average past the 22,000-barrier for the first time ever this week. But it's not all a bed of roses for all U.S. companies and the economy as a whole, says Dr. Devrim Yaman, associate dean in the WMU Haworth College of Business.

New gene therapy to treat leukemiaPhoto of Bruce Bejcek
July 20, 2017 | WMU News
An FDA panel has approved a new gene therapy that alters a patient's own immune system to treat leukemia. The first treatment of its kind is good news for leukemia sufferers, says Dr. Bruce Bejcek, a WMU professor of biological sciences.

The decrease in opioid prescriptionsPhoto of Dennis Simpson
July 13, 2017 | WMU News
A new CDC report shows doctors are cutting back on opioid prescriptions in the face of an opioid addiction crisis. The bad news is the number of prescriptions is still too high and many people remain addicted, says Dr. C. Dennis Simpson, director of the WMU Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse.